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Last checked: 26th May 2023

Montserrat Overview

Developed by Julieta Ulanovsky in 2010, Montserrat has been nurtured with the intent of keeping alive the typographic style seen in the urban fragments of Buenos Aires. The spirit of this Argentine neighbourhood, laden with art deco and postmodernist influences, is eloquently translated into this now-popular typeface.


At the heart of Montserrat is its unmistakable identity. The characters carry a pronounced geometric form, drawing from the modernist style that punctuates the Montserrat neighbourhood. Rounded curves juxtaposed with sharp lines capture the reader's eye, making Montserrat a staple in designs requiring impactful, yet clean, typography.

While retaining a striking aesthetic, Montserrat shines in terms of usability. It is highly legible, thanks to its generous x-height and open counterforms. The individual letterforms are well balanced, leading to an easy reading rhythm even in longer blocks of text.


The Montserrat family provides you with a lot of styles, from Hairline to Black. Its assortment of styles can accommodate a variety of design contexts, whether it's the bold weights for attention-grabbing headlines, or the lighter, more subdued weights for body text.


Montserrat has managed to establish itself as a modern classic, with a timeless aura. This is achieved through a harmonious balance of classic geometric principles with modern sensibilities. A prime example of this can be seen in the uppercase "Q", where traditional form meets a unique, stylised tail. Montserrat is an invaluable asset in any designer's typographic toolkit.

Montserrat Font Pairings

Font Pairing Use Cases
Proxima Nova Websites, eBooks, Mobile Apps
Gotham Business Documents, Presentations
Helvetica Neue Blogs, Magazines
Lato Logos, Posters
Raleway Advertising, Branding
Playfair Display Elegant Print Design, Wedding Invitations, Event Invitations
Source Sans Pro Technical Documents, User Manuals
Oswald Headings and Titles, Websites
Arvo Brochures, Posters
Nunito Children's Books, Informal Invitations

Where you can get

Montserrat is available for free at Google Fonts.

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