Website Font Checker

Seen a font you like on a particular website? Enter the URL of the website to find out what typeface is being used and where to get it.

Frequently asked questions

Some typefaces are better and more suited for specific industries. This is why so oftenly on the web you'll find many big websites using the same fonts as each other.

Our thought on this is that it's a little boring. Different typefaces add character to websites and by using the same fonts as your competitors it certainly doesn't help you stand out from the rest. If you're struggling to discover a unique typeface you that like try browsing independent type studio websites. However.. If you really do like their font then by all means, go ahead.

Manually checking your browser for font families on a website is time-consuming. You have to use developer tools to dig through each website for specifics. Whereas our free website font checker takes less time (ideally a few seconds) to gather typeface information. Instead of going through each font, you receive a consolidated report. The information is detailed enough for you to print and pass onto someone else in your office.

Sorry this is a work in progress, our team is made alert of when it fails and look into improving font detection when we can. There are over 100,000 typefaces across the web and as such it can be quite difficult for our tool to detect each one.