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Frequently asked questions

Some typefaces are simply better and more suited for specific industries. This is why so oftenly on the web you'll find many big websites using the same fonts as each other.

Our thought on this is that it's a little boring. Different typefaces add character to websites and by using the same fonts as your competitors it certainly doesn't help you stand out from the rest. If you're struggling to find a font pairing that you like then try to search for alternatives on Google. However.. If you really do like their choice of fonts then by all means, go ahead. No one is going to stop you.

Manually checking through a website for font usage is time-consuming and sometimes complicated. You generally have to use web developer tools to dig through the website for the specifics. We're happy to help out with this for our users as we have tools to help us. You'll receive an email from one of our team detailing which fonts are being used.

It will be in the future. We promise! We're still ironing out all of the kinks.