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Last check: 9th June 2024

Proxima Nova Overview

I'm always on the lookout for typefaces that can bring the perfect balance of functionality, aesthetics, and versatility to the table. One such gem in the world of fonts is Proxima Nova. Here are my thoughts on this modern classic.

Proxima Nova is a sans-serif typeface released by Mark Simonson in 2005 that combines the geometric appearance of Futura with the humanist qualities of Akzidenz-Grotesk.

The result? A highly legible, versatile, and modern typeface that is both approachable and professional. It's for these reasons that the usage of the Proxima Nova font family has grown so rapidly over the last couple of years.


The designer, Mark Simonson, masterfully crafted Proxima Nova to have a balance between geometric and humanist elements.

The typeface showcases clean, crisp lines with a contemporary edge, while the rounded terminals and slight modulation in stroke width provide warmth and approachability.

The x-height is generous, which enhances legibility, especially at smaller sizes. The slightly condensed proportions of the characters save space without compromising readability.

Proxima Nova's design strikes a perfect balance, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from body copy to display uses.


Proxima Nova offers a vast range of weights and styles, with a total of 48 fonts in the whole family. It's available in eight weights (from Thin to Black) and three widths (Normal, Condensed, and Extra Condensed), each with matching italics.

This variety enables designers to use Proxima Nova for many purposes such as editorial design and user interfaces.


Proxima Nova is a true modern classic that has earned its place in the typographic hall of fame. With its perfect balance of geometric and humanist elements, immense versatility, and exceptional legibility, as a a designer it's the kind of typeface that's very hard to avoid purchasing now, because you may want use it later.

I highly recommend Proxima Nova for any project that requires a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic. Mark Simonson has created a typeface that will undoubtedly stand the test of time and continue to serve designers and readers alike for years to come and I fully expect to it see on a lot more websites within the next few years due to how just easy on the eyes it is.

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