Fonts Similar
to Gilroy

Looking for a font similar to Gilroy? You're in the right place! Our team has put together a list of Gilroy alternatives for you below.

Last checked: 31st October 2023

Fonts Like Gilroy

  1. Avenir Next
  2. Helvetica Neue
  3. Roboto
  4. Gotham
  5. Lato
  6. Proxima Nova
  7. Open Sans

Elegance, modernity, and versatility—these are the qualities that define Gilroy, making it a top choice for graphic designers. However, if you're looking to explore alternatives to Gilroy, we've curated a list of typefaces that capture some of its essence while offering a unique flair of their own:

Avenir Next

Designed by Adrian Frutiger, Avenir Next is a contemporary sans-serif font known for its geometric shapes and balanced proportions. It shares similarities with Gilroy in its modern aesthetic and versatility, offering a wide range of weights and styles.

Helvetica Neue

Helvetica Neue, created by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann, is a timeless and highly legible sans-serif font. Its neutrality and clarity make it a suitable alternative to Gilroy for both print and digital media.


Developed by Christian Robertson at Google, Roboto is a versatile and modern sans-serif font perfect for digital interfaces and mobile applications. It exhibits adaptability and legibility akin to Gilroy.


Designed by Tobias Frere-Jones, Gotham is a geometric sans-serif typeface inspired by architectural lettering in New York City. With its extensive range of weights and styles, Gotham offers a clean and modern aesthetic similar to Gilroy, making it a compelling alternative.


Created by Łukasz Dziedzic, Lato is a Google Font that blends geometric structure with humanist features. This results in a balanced and versatile typeface, making it a good match for various design projects similar to Gilroy.

Proxima Nova

Mark Simonson's Proxima Nova is known for its modern and versatile design. It closely resembles Gilroy and offers a range of weights and styles, providing ample options for a wide array of design endeavors.

Open Sans

Steve Matteson's Open Sans, another Google Font, boasts a clean and neutral design much like Gilroy. It is a practical choice for web and print projects and offers a variety of weights and styles to suit different design requirements.

These fonts are all quite similar to Gilroy as they deliver a combination of elegance and functionality. They also have great legibility, modern aesthetics, and versatility, making them very worthy alternatives. Whether you're creating a brand identity, designing for digital interfaces, or working on print materials, these typefaces offer a diverse array of options to elevate your design projects.

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