Fonts Similar to Futura

Looking for a couple of fonts similar to Futura? You're in the right place! Our team has curated a list of Futura typeface alternatives for you below.

Last checked: 12th October 2023

Fonts Like Futura

  1. Avenir
  2. Proxima Nova
  3. Brandon Grotesque
  4. Neuzeit
  5. Century Gothic
  6. Montserrat

Emerging in 1927 from the visionary mind of designer Paul Renner was Futura, a font that would change the trajectory of typography. Crafted by the Bauer Type Foundry, this geometric sans-serif typeface was anything but "bland".

Futura, with its radical departure from traditional design norms, quickly became a benchmark for modernist, geometric aesthetics in typography. However, its wide usage was not driven by overzealous adoption or favouritism, but rather by its undeniably innovative design.

Futura was simply the font that broke the mould, and thus people started using it. Its frequent use inevitably led to certain misconceptions about it, with some feeling that it was overused and lacked personality.

Nonetheless, Futura is an exceptionally well-crafted font, offering legibility, modern sophistication, and unparalleled functionality. The diverse range of styles and weights within the Futura family, like Futura Light or Futura Condensed, further highlights its versatility and contemporary appeal.

Despite its strengths, Futura can sometimes be overlooked by designers and clients seeking a more traditional aesthetic. It's often labelled as an "overused" typeface that people reluctantly resort to in the absence of better options.

Nowadays there are a few fonts out there that offer a similar look and feel of Futura, but with a slightly different flavour. Here's a list of alternative typefaces to the geometric powerhouse, Futura:


Created by Adrian Frutiger, Avenir is a typeface that beautifully marries the distinctive geometric style of Futura with a touch of organic humanism. While the underlying structures of Avenir are rooted in simple geometric forms like Futura, the font has a warmer, friendlier feel. It presents an array of weights and styles, and its highly legible characters make it an attractive alternative for both display and body text. Avenir is a close match to Futura in terms of design principles, offering a subtly different yet equally versatile typeface.

Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova, designed by Mark Simonson, can be seen as a bridge between the geometric simplicity of Futura and the more humanist style of classic sans-serifs. It has the same geometric backbone as Futura, but with some softened features and a slightly larger x-height that boost its readability. With a wide range of weights and styles available, Proxima Nova can cater to almost any typographic requirement. If you're searching for an alternative typeface that retains the mechanical beauty of Futura but with a little extra warmth, Proxima Nova could be the one.

Brandon Grotesque

Made by Hannes von Döhren, Brandon Grotesque is a sans-serif typeface that's often likened to Futura. It shares many of Futura's defining characteristics, like the geometric construction and a similar blend of formality and friendliness. Yet, it also boasts unique features such as more pronounced rounded forms and a larger x-height that give it a slightly different feel. Despite these differences, the overall similarities between Brandon Grotesque and Futura are undeniable.


Designed by Wilhelm Pischner, Neuzeit is a sans-serif typeface that can be viewed as a sister to Futura. With a foundation in geometric forms, Neuzeit also includes some humanist elements that differentiate it from the strict geometric design of Futura. It shares the same clean, modern aesthetic as Futura, but with a touch more warmth and a slight departure from strict geometry. This makes Neuzeit a close match to Futura, offering an alternative that is still in keeping with the spirit of geometric precision.

Century Gothic

If you're after a typeface that is similar to Futura but with a slightly more playful vibe, Century Gothic may be your answer. The typeface has a geometric structure akin to Futura, but its more rounded forms and open shapes provide a gentle, breezy feel. Its clean, minimalist lines make it suitable for both display and text applications, maintaining the readability and versatility that is characteristic of Futura.


Inspired by the old posters and signs in the traditional neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Montserrat, designed by Julieta Ulanovsky, is another strong Futura alternative. Like Futura, Montserrat is built on geometric principles but has a more open, airy feel that lends it a friendly, approachable vibe. Its extensive family of weights and styles ensures versatility across a broad range of applications.

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