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Last checked: 15th June 2023

If you’re looking for alternatives to Century Gothic, here are 6 of the highest-quality look-alikes and similar fonts.

  1. Futura
  2. Avenir
  3. Proxima Nova
  4. Optima
  5. Myriad Pro
  6. Brandon Grotesque

First released by Monotype in 1991, Century Gothic quickly staked its claim as an elegant typeface. With roots tracing back to the geometric sans-serif typefaces of the early 20th century, Century Gothic marries historical influences with modern sensibilities to craft a typeface that is anything but ordinary.

Is it just me, or does Century Gothic deserve more spotlight?

Though less ubiquitous than certain other system fonts, Century Gothic holds its own with an air of understated sophistication. But this hasn't come about through saturation or an algorithmically-determined position on a dropdown list. Instead, it has steadily drawn designers and typographers alike to its clean lines and balanced forms.

Century Gothic wasn't the typeface that simply appeared first, causing people to lazily opt for it out of convenience. Rather, its adoption has been a choice made in appreciation of its design. This conscious preference has allowed Century Gothic to stand out, creating a place for itself without a sense of overuse.

Century Gothic is an exemplary typeface, its sleek design makes written content legible and stylish. Its balance between modern chic and classic charm opens doors to varied applications, from corporate brochures to website headers.

Yet, for all its merits, Century Gothic often takes a backseat to more well-known typefaces. Is it because it's less known? Or perhaps it's because Century Gothic, with its distinctive character, requires a more deliberate consideration in design application?

But if we're searching for a typeface with a clean, modern aesthetic that doesn't scream 'default', Century Gothic certainly fits the bill.

Over the years, I've come across a few similar typefaces to Century Gothic, all with their own unique charms. Here are six of them:


Starting my list is Futura. This typeface, designed by Paul Renner, exhibits a geometric structure that echoes Century Gothic's clean and elegant design. The wide spacing and roundness, much like Century Gothic, gives Futura an air of efficiency and forwardness.


Avenir carries similarities in its geometric foundation, a quality it shares with Century Gothic. Its letterforms offer the same clarity and open space, yet hold their own distinctive appeal. If you're looking for a typeface that has a liking for simple, sleek lines, Avenir may be the one for you.

Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova is a modern classic in the world of typography. Designer Mark Simonson has imbued this typeface with a blend of geometric and humanistic forms that find a close match in Century Gothic. Proxima Nova provides a tasteful balance of classic typography and contemporary design, making it a brilliant choice.


Optima, designed by Hermann Zapf, offers a different take on the geometric forms that Century Gothic embraces. Optima, with its open letterforms and subtly flared strokes, shares similarities with Century Gothic in its clean, simple lines and clear legibility, serving as another excellent alternative.

Myriad Pro

Myriad Pro, possesses the same geometric sans-serif design, yet it subtly deviates with its humanist touch on the letterforms. This typeface manages to strike a balance between professional and friendly, an approach that Century Gothic also adopts. If your preference leans towards a typeface that's both business-like and approachable, Myriad Pro could be right up your alley.

Brandon Grotesque

Ending my list is Brandon Grotesque. This typeface captures the geometric sans-serif spirit found in Century Gothic, yet it goes a step further with a touch of warmth added into the mix. Its slightly rounded corners and wide apertures bring a touch of charisma to the table, making Brandon Grotesque a close alternative, yet offering a dash of uniqueness.

I hope that you've found what you're searching for on this list. Each of my picks offers its own distinctive take while maintaining the aspects that make Century Gothic so well-liked.

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