Fonts Similar to Calibri

Looking for a font similar to Calibri? You're in the right place! Our team has put together a list of alternatives for you below.

Last checked: 12th October 2023

Fonts Like Calibri

  1. Gill Sans
  2. Frutiger
  3. Source Sans Pro
  4. Verdana
  5. Droid Sans
  6. Helvetica

First gracing the screens of our devices in 2007 with the release of Microsoft Office, Calibri emerged as the new default, ousting the longstanding Times New Roman. Designed by the renowned type designer, Lucas De Groot, Calibri was lauded as a breath of fresh air in the world of default typefaces.

Does Calibri deserve the ubiquitous crown?

The growth in popularity and broad adoption of Calibri wasn't solely due to its incorporation into the Microsoft Office Suite. It's also because of its intrinsic design attributes: a simple elegance and clean aesthetic. Its rounded edges and warm letterforms contribute to a delightful reading experience, whether in a lengthy report or a short email. It's the qualities such as these that we believe led to Calibri rapidly becoming the preferred choice of so many users.

So, is Calibri a victim of its own success?

With such wide-reaching prevalence, it's not uncommon for some to quickly dismiss the great attributes of Calibri, with the reasoning that it's just a too commonly chosen font or a boring choice. A lot like Arial, it's a victim of its own success.

However, is it fair to label Calibri as such?

With its clear lines and humanist undertones, Calibri has a certain charm that can easily go unnoticed. The ease with which it renders any text legible and aesthetically pleasing speaks volumes about its careful design.

The question then arises - are there any other fonts out there that offer the same look and feel as Calibri?

Nowadays, in the world of typography, there are a lot of different typefaces which provide a similar look and feel to Calibri. Here is our team's carefully curated list of the very best fonts similar to Calibri:

Gill Sans

Designed by Eric Gill, Gill Sans represents the quintessential British modernist style. Much like Calibri, it is based on humanistic forms, resulting in a friendly and warm feel. Its clean, geometric design makes it a classic alternative to Calibri. If you find yourself appreciating the rounded, legible characters of Calibri, Gill Sans is definitely worth your consideration.


Frutiger, designed by Adrian Frutiger, stands as a timeless masterpiece in the realm of typography. The font shares numerous similarities with Calibri, especially in the humanist inspiration behind their designs. Its well-balanced and legible characters make it a perfect fit for those in search of a different, yet functional and elegant typeface.

Source Sans Pro

Designed by Paul D. Hunt of Adobe, Source Sans Pro draws from the same well of simplicity and legibility as Calibri. It was Adobe's first open-source font and, much like Calibri, it provides excellent readability in various sizes and weights. Its structure, coupled with a natural rhythm, makes it a close match to Calibri in form and function and a great choice for use on user interfaces.


Moving on, we find Verdana, a font designed by Matthew Carter for Microsoft. Verdana, like Calibri, was optimised for screen use, resulting in excellent readability on digital platforms. Its wide letter-spacing and generous x-height echo the legibility of Calibri, making it a practical and familiar alternative.

Droid Sans

Next in line is Droid Sans, designed by Steve Matteson. Originally designed for display on low-resolution screens for the Android platform, it shares Calibri's goal of clarity and simplicity. If you have a liking for the screen-friendly design of Calibri, Droid Sans is worth taking a deeper look at.


No search for Calibri-like fonts would be complete without a nod to Helvetica. This Swiss-made font is renowned for its clarity and legibility, similar to Calibri. Despite the subtle softness in Calibri's design, Helvetica’s balanced and neutral strokes serve as a compelling contrast.

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