What fonts are similar to Arial?

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Last checked: 5th October 2023

6 Fonts Similar to Arial

If you were to ask random strangers to name the first font that springs to mind, I'm pretty certain Arial would be one of the most frequent responses. Its pervasiveness in various areas of our digital and physical worlds, such as documents, signs, presentations, and advertisements, has deeply etched Arial into our collective consciousness.

As one of the most well-known fonts in the world and, although sometimes criticised for its ubiquity, Arial's enduring popularity is a testament to its brilliant design. Nevertheless, the world of typography is vast and diverse. Here are six different typefaces with similar looks to Arial:

  1. Calibri
  2. Humanist 521
  3. Frutiger
  4. Verdana
  5. Myriad
  6. Univers


Calibri, designed by Lucas de Groot, is a warm and soft typeface that has its own charm. Like Arial, it is a sans-serif font, which makes it perfect for digital and print use. However, what sets Calibri apart from Arial are its rounded strokes that provide an organic, soft feel to it. It's not just an alternative to Arial, it's a typeface that holds its own, bringing a different flavor of sophistication to the table.

Humanist 521

Humanist 521, designed by Eric Gill, shares many similarities with Arial. Its clean, open forms offer excellent legibility at both large and small sizes. But the Humanist 521 has a slightly higher x-height compared to Arial, giving it a more harmonious and balanced appearance. It's a close match, presenting the same kind of contemporary yet approachable vibe that Arial does so well.


Adrian Frutiger's typeface, bearing his own name, is often compared to Arial due to its clarity and legibility. It's a flexible typeface that shines in a variety of uses, much like Arial. Frutiger, however, offers more character with its distinct, humanistic touch. The differences are subtle, but they add a layer of warmth and friendliness that is uniquely Frutiger.


Matthew Carter's Verdana is a robust typeface designed specifically for clarity on screen. Like Arial, it's an excellent choice for web use due to its wide letterforms and generous spacing. It provides a similar level of readability, but Verdana's larger x-height and wider proportions give it a different personality.


Myriad, a design by Robert Slimbach and Carol Twombly, may look somewhat unfamiliar at first glance. However, its clear, friendly design and open shapes will soon feel like a familiar acquaintance to lovers of Arial. While it maintains the same no-nonsense approach to typography, Myriad's nuanced design gives it a slight edge in personality.


Last on our list is Univers, another masterpiece by Adrian Frutiger. Univers shares the same clean and neutral aesthetics as Arial but is slightly less geometric. Its wide range of weights and variants make it an excellent all-rounder, just like Arial. Univers is the quintessential Swiss-style typeface that takes an analytical approach to typography.

These typefaces offer a refreshing alternative to Arial while retaining the qualities that have made Arial such a beloved font. Each of them has a unique flavour, but the similarities are unmistakable. Whether you're designing a corporate brochure or building a website, these fonts are sure to offer the versatility, sophistication, and clarity that you've come to love in Arial.

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