Premium Fonts

Stand out from the rest of the crowd with an exclusive premium typeface designed by the nice fonts team.

Themis Typeface

Themis is our flagship typeface. It's very easy on the eyes and ideal for reading over long texts in one sitting.

Magu Typeface

Magu is our team's favourite premium font and is the one we're using across all of our websites.

Torva Typeface

Torva is our latest release. It's a strong sans-serif typeface available in regular, semi-bold and bold.

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Stay ahead of the curve

At Nice Fonts we provide a free customisation service for all of our premium font customers, with the majority of font distributors this simply isn't possible due to their complex licensing agreements.

Why should you care?

Because being able to remove glyphs and subsets that you will never use from paid fonts allows you to have a smaller overall font size. This enables your website to load slightly faster.